Innova Active Balanced Portfolio (S)

October 2023

Performance Table

Innova Active Balanced Portfolio (S)-1.30%-2.89%-0.76%---3.74%
FE Peer Group Balanced-1.64%-3.92%-2.61%2.64%3.49%3.70%1.90%
Excess Returns0.34%1.03%1.85%---1.84%
RBA Cash Rate Target + 3%0.53%1.75%3.47%6.61%4.44%4.25%5.57%

Portfolio Performance

In October, financial markets experienced heightened and sustained volatility, impacting both fixed-income and equity sectors. The persistent rally in yields, reaching 5%, was propelled by robust economic growth, weakened demand for treasuries, and increased issuance. The US, driven by a resilient consumer base, showcased a remarkable 4.9% YoY real GDP growth in Q3, primarily fuelled by strong consumption. Market sentiment remained strongly influenced by the Federal Reserve's comments, with concerns revolving around robust demand potentially leading to additional rate hikes. As a result, broader equities witnessed an average decline of approximately 3% in October, contributing to an overall quarter decrease of around 10%. Our defensive asset allocation strategy proved instrumental in achieving outperformance during October. Floating rate notes emerged as a reliable source of defensive income, standing out as one of the few asset classes to yield positive returns for the month. Detractors were Korean equities, agriculture stocks (hedged) and not owning gold, which was up around 9% for the month. Contributors include no allocation to A-REITs which were down around 7%, gold miners which were up 6%, domestic floating rate credit, and a relative underweight to domestic equities which were down more than global peers. Supply concerns eased on the WTI crude oil front which brought it back down to $80 a barrel. Again, there weren’t many areas of markets in which to hide given the rise in yields and continued market volatility, though our defensiveness allowed us to outperform peers over the month.

Asset Allocation Exposure

Breakdown pie chart
Fixed Interest31.04%
Global Shares24.67%
Australian Shares19.48%
Real Assets7.43%

Top Portfolio Holdings

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Realindex Wholesale Global Share
Colonial First State Wholesale Index Global Share
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Market Outlook

Interest rate sensitive parts of the economy such as housing and credit demand have seen slowing, with the impact of rate hikes still yet to fully affect consumer spending on a broader scale, which is driving the strong growth in the US – with ~70% of GDP being consumption. The Fed’s concerns continue to revolve around this strong demand and fears around inflation. Notably, the recent rollover in wages, a significant contributor to persistent inflation, adds a nuanced layer to the inflationary landscape. On the fiscal front, many market participants are concerned around the Fed no longer being a buyer of Treasuries, which in the face of a deep deficit to fund, is a concern for fixed-income investors as to where the liquidity would come from. This all coincides with a bump up again in inflation volatility, which is the Fed’s deepest concern despite financial conditions being clearly tighter, though perhaps not tight enough to supress the sheer demand that continues to drive growth – which was worsened by a revised excess savings figure in October to the upside by approximately ~$800 billion. Weaker-than-expected jobs data for October brought some relief to markets, but a substantial portion of this downturn was attributed to auto strikes in the US. Internally, our economic leading indicators persistently point to challenging conditions for the US economy heading into 2024. The impending need for both governments and corporations to refinance previous debt incurred at lower interest rates may certainly be a catalyst of economic fragility. Whilst the consumer still seems to be spending carefree, the liquidity coming from government stimulus and an extended period of strong labour markets may begin to dry up going into 2024. As we know, labour market indicators are often lagging, and historically the unwinding of an inverted yield curve has never been a good sign for labour markets. Our defensive stance reflects our concerns for risk assets going into 2024. The combination of a low equity risk premium and attractive yields from fixed-income markets makes income-oriented assets more appealing. We are currently assessing areas of risk markets that offer a compelling asymmetric pay-off profile based on valuation, carry and other factors.

Investment Objective

To deliver a total investment return in line with the benchmark, after fees, over a rolling six year period

Key Information

Management Fee0.00%
Maximum Expected Volatility9.00%
Standard Risk MeasureMedium to High
BenchmarkRBA Cash Rate Target + 3.0%
Model CodeCFSFC008
Investment Timeframe6 years
PlatformCFS FirstChoice

About the Manager

Innova is a boutique portfolio management firm with institutional-grade capabilities that specialises in risk-focused portfolio solutions. Co-founded by Dan Miles and Dinyar Irani in 2010, Innova’s objective is to provide robust investment solutions that work with investor behaviour, rather than against it.

Innova has a comprehensive understanding of investment risk and has developed a proprietary risk management framework based on rigorous academic research to support their investment process. Their quantitative framework acts as the compass, with their experienced investment team determining the best approach to execute this outcome. Innova's systematic approach to portfolio construction has enabled them to navigate global markets successfully, even during challenging market cycles.

Innova has consistently adhered to their investment process across all market regimes. They have rigorously tested their process and analysed hundreds of historical data sources to ensure they always have conviction in their investment decision making. As a result, Innova is able to consistently manage portfolio risk during market downturns and their performance track record is a testament to the effectiveness of their approach.

Important Information

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